Welcome to the A&F Communications website!

                                  The A&F Voice committee was formed to be the voice of support for all A&F employees. As part of that initiative, we are going to use this website to improve communication between A&F Management and staff. We want to increase staff awareness and understanding of university and division initiatives, while at the same time increasing Management’s awareness of staff concerns.

                                  This page will include information from both the A&F Leadership Team and the Voice, who will use this page to present information on A&F events and supply A&F staff with information relevant to your employment at NMSU.

                                  From this page, you can follow links to the Voice’s webpages. There, the Voice will provide more information helpful to employees, let you know what Voice is working on, and provide contact information for Voice members, so that you can contact us with your concerns and ideas.

                                  We plan to use our website to help keep you informed of A&F activities, so visit this site to stay up to date.


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